The Persian Cat

Persian cats have longhaired coats and flat cute faces. They are very sweet, gentle, personality can vary from being indoored house or both. With love and happiness in the environment this cat lives a longer healthier life. They adapt to new environments easily, but there has to be love there. Their quiet and there voice is very melow and pleasant. They have large eyes that express a lot of emotion. This cat is good with any ages. They have short heavy boned legs, and short broad bodies. They aren't well in climbing or jumping high. They are playful but love just to relax and throw themselves in a corner, infront of a window, or chair. Mainly the need to be indoors because of their long hairs on their body. They need to be groomed once a day just for there not to be any nots or hairballs. Occasionally should be given baths and clipping of the nail tips. They will always come out as a beautiful, and healthy cats. Persian cats can live up to 15 years of life and some can even live up to 20 years according to their health. Because of their large eyes they will tear up easily and more often therefore cleaning of the face will be necessary once a day. These cats are very popular!







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