The Russian Blue

The Russian Blues are very gentle, and affectionate cats. They have emarald high lighted green eyes. The unique part of this cat is their coat mainly always being a short coat of a bright blue color to it and silver shades added to it. These cats only come in one color which is blue. They have two very large emerald light green eyes that show a lot of emotion and a vivid look to them. The large ears are pointed at the base. The body of this cat is fine, long, and a firm toning of muscles. However these cats tend to be quiet, but love to play and are companions to their owners. Russian Blues are very intelligent and are able to learn things and be taught how to do things. However the house is feeling and the people in the house that the cat is living are feeling, thats how the cats feeling is going to be like. Very sensitive to those around them. They get along with children and other pets. If left alone ito their own home they will not be damanding and stubborn about it, they can entertain themselves. They only require a little bit of grooming with time to time of nail clipping. They actually enjoy being pampered and being brushed. They start feeling they are loved and cared for and quality time with their owners. Theyhave been caught by many owners smiling from time to time. The pricing all depends onthe type and how old the cat or kitten is.







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