The Turkish Van

This typical cat was just discovered in 1982 from many different Eastern countries. They have the white ringtails and the Russian long hair for the bodies. Thes cat can sometimes have one eyes being light brown and the other being blue. It all depends to its parents. These cat unlike any other cat love water. The coat on this cat can even come in different patterens and different shades of colors. They make great cats to be in homes with families and they get along with children as well. They require little of grooming because their coat doesn't let itself start matting. They are also very strong cats with fine bone structures. This breed is healthy one and a unique look to themselves. This cat can't be assumed on how they are going to look like when becoming a cat after being a kitten because they have many genes and colors to them when born They can come in many different size, boning structures, and types. They aren't bad cats theyare actually one of the smartest cats there is now days from all of the cats there are in the world.







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Turkish Van