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So what are the popular breeds you say?....Well here is a list that I am comfortable with:



American Shorthair

American Wirehair





Colorpoint Shorthair

Cornish Rex

Devon Rex


European Burmese

Exotic Shorthair

Havana Brown

Japanese Bobtail


Main Coon


Russian Blue


Turkish Van

Abyssinian Cats

Abyssinians are known as one of the oldest breeds of cats in the world. These cat are built with a very muscular body and pretty firm as well. They have great beautiful arched necks. It is about 6inches tall in length. They have nice large ears and almond shaped eyes. These cat were originally brought from the coasr of the Indian Ocean and parts of Southeast Asia. There are no other breeds that can be more loyal than these particular cats. This cat doesn't really liked to be pampered but loves to be around where ther are alot of people. They come usually in orange or light colors. These cats love attention though, and are great listeners who love to help people around them out. If you would like to own an Abby yourself it really depends if you are going to be buying while its still a kitten or full grown. This cat has gotten awards for his peacialties.

American Shorthair

This cat is one of the most gentlest companions as cats. A playing cat for your kids would be this one. This breed is mainly known for its carring for people and others. They are also known to always be healthy and their great looks. They get along with other dogs and animals also. However they love to work and help a lot. Thes cats come in a blackish or grey look, but they can also come in just one color. Not only thes cats are known for their lovingness, but they also are very easy going and affectionate. The mature females can weigh up too twelve pounds when they are there full grown. American Shorthairs can live up tp 15-20 years if only they have had their yearly chechups and qualifications completed. Otherwise they regularly need to have little excerises here and there. Last but not least they need to be loved back. Male American Shorthaired cat are quite larger they can weigh up to about minimun 15 pounds.

American Wirehair

The coat on the particular cat is wavey. Breeders find these cat to be pretty easy to care for them because of them being so addoraable and loving also. They have ways to get to the owners that the owners love them. Pricing as well as any other breed depends what size and when you are wanting to buy the cat. They need to maintain a nice healthy diet and much of excersise because thes typical cats are known to be getting chunky. They mainly live between 11-14 years of age. Thes cat have pointy straight ears and oval shaped light eyes. They are known to be indoor cats that need plenty of attention. They come in many colors. They can get trained however and get into competitions. ome that have joined in years before have actually beat many. Their coat is also thick coated.

Balinese Cat

This type of cat has one of the most long, silky ermine coating. They look identical to Siameses. They are calm cats but have a great sense of humor. They are clown cats. They have sapphire eyes, they sparkle with joy, happiness, and healthyness to them. They get very affectionate towards their family. They aren't as loud as the Siameses. Balineses voices are on a softer note. Grooming for this cat isn't hard a bit. These cat bone structures are very light but muscular. They are very long looking cats. It is long all over the body including the, head, legs, and even the tail. The only colors these cats come in including the Siameses are seal point, blue point, chocolate point, and lilac point. Pricing again just depends when and what type you are buying. They will live for about 20 years if checked up yearly at the vet. and thay get love and caringness back.

The Bombay Cat

This cat is a shorthaired, copper-eyed, and it's black usually. It is similiar to a mini version of a parlor panthor. This particular cat enjoys to play a lot and would be a great house pet with kids or no kids. They can even be taught to play fetch. This cat in particular is an outgoing cat and can make very affectionate companions. They can live well with dogs and even other pets as well. They are very social, love to be sitting on laps, and are easy going cats without a temper. The Bombay body is a medium build length. The Bombay's head is also round like the Burmese head. The copat on this cat is short, flat, gleaming, black from the roots, and has a great muscular form. Pricing depends on the type.

The Burmese Cat

This typical cat only comes in four different colors, which is sable, champagne, blue, and platinum. Their coats are very short, satin like material. They do need to be groomed daily, but only once a day. They have a round head and their eyes can tell a lot on how they are feeling and looking at. The eyes on this cat make the owner fall into the cats trap on giving everything the cat wants. They need to be loved regularly. They are very culumsy by walking around and falling over a lot, especially while they are kittens. They love to play little games and be teased but to the limit. Do not make this cat in particulas mad because they will snap. They have grat intelligence and this cat has a character of its own. Their paws have been found to always be a velvety feeling. They will eventually start rulling the house. The noises this cat uses is soft, sweet voices. They are pretty well with children. They will tolerate and take childrens noises and anooyences. It will even tolerate any other type of animal like a dog. They love to travel in a car only if they have been traveling since a kitten. They think just like dogs there personalities can change. Like mood swings. They give affection and expect it back. They love cuddling and sitting iun warm laps. These cats are addicting you will end up not only owning one, you will find yourself owning 2 Burmese.

The Chartreux Cat

This cat is known for many wonderful things. It is known for it's smile, and its unique coat texture, and its colors it comes in. This cat has a robust body, broad shoulders, and a deep chest. However its legs are finely boned and arent that long they are medium short. They have lots of muscle. This cats coat feels like a sheep's wool. This cat also hasa round head but with a soft forehead. The nose on this cat is straight, but then it goes down one inch and thats where the eyes are. The eyes on this cat is one of the most enchanting features. They are round and very light. However, the outer corners of the eye curve slightly upward. Color changes from gold to copper. The ears are medium all around but they erect on the head. They get attached to a family very easily and they will follow the owners from room to room. These cat can be taught to play fetch a ball like a dog. Most likely will even respond to the name you give it. They are quiet and they rather chirp then meow. They enjoy the television and love to listen to peoples conversations and chew on anything long including the telephone cord. They need major attention and love to be pet.

The Colorpoint Shorthair Cat

This cat is a medium sized cat that has a long oriental body, with long legs and a tail. Also it has a triangular head with its muzzle pointed. It usually has bright blue eyes and pretty large pionted ears. The coat is very thick, glossy, fine, and an ivory feeling. It has similiraties to a Siamese in every way. They are very active, loving, playful, intelligent, curious, and very sensitive. They do great with their owners. The environment they love being in is at home like indoors or rural. They are great with just being with one person. However these cats are very vocal and affectionate.

The Cornish Rex

This cat is a small cat but has long legs and tails. It has a triangular shaped head with its muzzle being pointed. It has a long straight nose, large eyes, and large blunt ears. The face on this cat is a very unusual face and it leaves loks on peoples faces like wondering on what the cat can be thinking about. Its coat is a very curly, wavy, short, fine, soft, and silky look. They are very intelligent and tranquil with things around them that they are interested in. They adapt pretty fast and well to the family they are living with and become very loving and affectionate towards them. They love quietness from time to time. This particular because of its so stubborn and can't really take that much noise it cannot deal with children. This cat sunburns easily and needs to be indoors mainly. It doesn't shed because of its no outer coat. This cat will go well with older families.

The Devon Rex Cat

They have wavy curly hair. They have huge ears but because they are set on the sides it doesn't look bad. They even have a look of a pixie like face and large eyes that are shaped oval. They have short turned upward noses. Their body is strong and build with texture. They contain the friendliness, intelligence, and love to play with owners. The behavior on this cat all depends on how they wake up for the day. The average weight of this cat is 9 pounds. However males being quit few numbers heavier then the females. The coat on the Devon can get fewer as they grow older or fall out when they are kittens, and grow back when they grow older. Their coats change seasonally. They are always warm coated because of their coats. They love to snuggle with the people they love and give off body warmth. They are very active and love attention. They jump very high! You can even find them doing and climbing dangerous things such as brick walls. Their ears need to be cleaned every twice a week and be showered once a month. Nail trimming is very big on the Devon and grooming. Tthey do shed but not a lot. They come in different color such as solid, shaded, smoke, tabby, bi colors, or particolors.

The European Burmese Cat

This European cat is a medium sized cat with a great bone structure, good muscular body, eyes that can show and tell a lot, and a nice cute face that can make you fall inlove with it by just looking at it once. They are very intelligent about things around them, very affectionate, loyal, and not only those but they make great cats for pets. They get a long with kids and get very attached to their owners. The colors of this cat can vary from brown, chocolate, blue, and lilac colors. Mixing those colors together they can come in red, cream, brown-tortie, chocolate-tortie, blue-tortie, and lilac-tortie. They are mainly competing in things and winning championships. They are elegant but not fragile cats.

The Exotic Shorthair Cat

These cat do very well indoors and in apartments. The coat on this cat is very thick, dense, and short. It feels very soft, round look like a teddy bear feeling. No need to be brushing the hair all the time. They are very quiet and their voices are soft and hardly heard. You can count on them looking up to you because of them being so quiet, sweeet, peaceful, and a loyal trust they give off. When they need attention they will look up at you with their gazed eyes and let you know if they need to be loved or just need something for themselves. They are a lap loving cats and love to curl up into a ball into your lap or anywhere warm on your body. Some may and some may not sleep with you, when they want to sleep they prefer cooler areas to fall asleep on. They aren't hard to take care of and wonderful to be in presence with one. They will time to time give you your own privacy and leave you alone. They do have the tendecy to follow you though from room to room quietly. They love to play but they enjoy chalenge.

The Havana Brown Cat

This cat has a brown coat, and its head is longer then being more wide. The nose is very close to the eyes. If you want a cat that is practically identical to what a dog may do then Havana Brown is the right cat for you. You can train this cat and even the word No would be learned and they will understand quickly. Thes cat purr so loud that their whole body starts shaking as if its a vibrater. They will get a long with any other animal in the house and they get attached to the house fast and easily. They love being tummy rubbed and pet a lot. This cat however will understand that it will have to be left a lone for couple of hours but it cannot be left home alone for long period of time. The color of this cats eyes are green and the color of the skin is any shade of brown. They have round tipped ears, and they are tilted forward giving off a look of alertness. It has a medium sized body. It is firm and muscular, that shows they are powerful. Males are slightly larger than the females. Even their whiskers are brown.


The Japanese Bobtail Cat

Their coats are parted into two parts down straight the back and their tales are large, short, and plumey looking. They are very strong and tend to be always healthy. When they have newborns they come out pretty large. They are known for their unique style of tail. They are also very active, intelligent, and talkative cats that love to be given attention. They have soft voices but because of the way they talk it seems like they are singing. Since they love to be around human beings especially their own owners they have to speak. When it comes down for food and objects they love to carry things in their mouths and love to play with toys. They love to be given rides on their owners shoulders. They are good with travelking place to place and don't panic. They even do adjust do dogs and other animals. However aren't really well with new born human babys but are good with children. They will adapt to the fact if there is a new born in the house. They come in white, black, red, and even two of those colors together mixed. The tail is unique because it curves up ward to their backs and is pretty flexible. They love to scratch materials especially soft materials. They are capable of living a long, healthy, joyful life.

The Javanese Cat

Thes cat come in seal blue, blue, choolate, and lilac colors. They dont come in solid colors hardly there is any like that. While you are with them they love to be playing with you and singing basicaly, but they are actually speaking to you. They need to be felt like they need to be part of the amily so they can help and be ther for you. However they are very intelligent, gracefull, and full of life. They have silky coats like the Balinese coat. Amazingly even though they dont look like they have a strong muscular body they have one of the strongest muscular body structures. When they wnt to let you know something they will let you know by speaking softly, and you have been awawy for a long period of time and you return back home they will greet your presence with joy and happiness. They use their paws to handle and open things. Their personalities is one of a kind, and beaware of their mood swings.

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